AppConnector simplifies any process involving two or more applications, systems, databases, etc. By investigating the applications used, how they display the information and how they communicate the information, you will uncover the need for AppConnector.

Here is a set of steps to ask that can help you decide if AppConnector and the Karora team can help you solve your business automation needs.

Step 1: About the Process
What application or software program are they using that contains the data they use for filing or retrieving documents?

  • Financial Applications
    • Great Plains, Mas90, Intuit QuickBooks, J.D. Edwards, Solomon
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    • Baan, J.D. Edwards, Peoplesoft, Frontstep/Symix, Lawson, Retck, IFS, Mapics, QAD, Intentia, Navision, SAP, JDA, Oracle
  • Contact Management Systems
    • ACT!, Goldmine, SalesLogix
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)
    • Baan (Aurium), Epiphany, Peoplesoft (Vantive), Chordiant, J.D. Edwards (Youcentric), Pivotal, Clarify, Kana, SAP
      Epicor (Clientele), Onyx, Siebel
  • Document Management Systems
    • Comsquared, DocumentMall, Full Circle Systems, eCabinet, FileVision, FileMark, Questys Enterprise, ImageWare, Fortis
  • Desktop Office Tools
    • Access, Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Outlook, Adobe, Lotus Notes, Windows
  • Imaging
    • COLD, Kofax

Step 2: Do you have to retype information contained in any of the applications listed above to file or find the information in an imaging system?
If yes, AppConnector eliminates the need to re-key information.Step 3: About the Display
Do you currently display all the information on the desktop?

  1. Do you have to minimize the application to launch the imaging system function? 
    If yes, AppConnector allows you to start the imaging system from the application and see the search results side by side with the application.
  2. Can you see a thumbnail image of what is filed in the imaging system and the application on the same screen or are they toggling back and forth? AppConnector allows you to view all information at the same time on a single screen.

Step 4: About Correspondence
How do you currently communicate information stored in your imaging system?

  1. Do you cut and paste from the imaging system into email? AppConnector can automatically transfer the pertinent information from the application or imaging system directly into Outlook, Word or Lotus Notes.

Example: Accounts Payable
One of the most easily recognizable situations is when you are considering an imaging system for Accounts Payable documents. Integration of the imaging system with the Accounts Payable or Financial software will allow you to access those documents directly from the screens of their Accounts Payable or Financial software.