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Introducing Content Analytics

Karora has integrated LucidWorks Fusion 5.0 server into our solutions.    Lucidworks is the leading intelligent search company offering a platform for unifying data and content spread across internal and external resources. The company’s AI-based Fusion platform applies machine learning as data is being ingested along…

Document Connector

Discover DocConnector™ Discover Federated Search with DocConnector™ and Discover a Better Way To View Your Content Federated search allows a single search to be run simultaneously across multiple content stores. The results from each content store are aggregated and returned to the user.    The…

Case Study: Ivy League School

Problem: The customer’s enterprise content management (ECM) vendor was going out of business.​ Solution: Karora converted all of the CampusDocs ECM files to DocumentMall, integrating student and business documents in DocumentMall repository with industry and custom applications (PowerFAIDS). This allowed…