The Karora Story

Technology. Grounded.


Karora Technologies was formed in 1998 to develop software components and solutions that would give mid-size organizations an opportunity to compete in the new e-economy against small niche players and giant corporations. We create elegant software components and solutions built for the medium size enterprise; with our products and services you can efficiently manage information––documents, applications or data. We’ve achieved this by creating high-quality, elegant and innovative technology that brings people and technology together efficiently and affordably. We know when IT and people work together everybody wins.

We believe the cornerstone of our success centers on our commitment to conducting business in a fair and ethical manner. We see our mission as one of collaboration with our customers, and encourage creative, innovative and flexible approaches to problem solving from all members of our team.


Karora––the energy force of change and creation––

is a centuries old character central to many stories of the Australian Aborigines. We adopted the name and use the symbolism of this Spirit of Creation to inspire us to continuously search for ways to create new directions and improve the way we conduct business. Our use of the Aboriginal art and symbols in our corporate materials is one way we remind ourselves of our mission



​Everyone at Karora, from the CEO to the people staffing our Help Desk, is dedicated to your total satisfaction. We’ve discovered when everyone embraces the power of change and creation, great things happen.