Karora has integrated LucidWorks Fusion 5.0 server into our solutions.   

Lucidworks is the leading intelligent search company offering a platform for unifying data and content spread across internal and external resources. The company’s AI-based Fusion platform applies machine learning as data is being ingested along with natural language processing and “topic detection.” Based on queries, Fusion AI is designed to predict a user’s intent to deliver the most relevant results.  

Fusion Server combines the Apache Solr search engine with Apache Spark for AI. The server indexes and stores data for use in real-time queries. Self-learning systems deliver the right results the first time for increased collaboration, productivity, and insights.  

For enterprise customers, the goal is to deliver Google-like results drawn from company-wide data and content resources.  

Fusion Server’s REST APIs and endpoints provide connectors for indexing data from 60+ enterprise systems and databases.